The Designery: A Proven, Durable Approach to Kitchen, Bath and Closet Solutions with 15+ Years in Business.


The Designery was founded in 2007 as a Kitchen and Bath Product Wholesale outlet serving the Chattanooga, TN community. In 2019, Co-Founder and President Casey Ridley identified a niche in kitchen, bath, and closet marketplace with untapped potential. After making several adjustments to the product and service offerings, The Designery 10x’d the top line of the business – And the franchise model was born.

Established in 2019, The Designery Franchise was launched to bring high-quality, high-value kitchen, bath, and closet solutions to communities across the country through a technology-forward design process, leveraging a vertically integrated supply chain.

The Designery Franchise is brought to you by the HomeFront Family of Brands. We have the experience you can trust to build brands that strengthen and support local communities. With a proven sales, marketing, and training track record, our business plan has been proven time and time again. The Designery team members pride themselves on a dedication to service excellence and satisfied clients. The days of outdated kitchen, bath, and closet design and installation processes are numbered!


Casey Ridley is the visionary co-founder and president behind The Designery.

Casey’s interest in the kitchen, bath, and closet industry began in his early childhood, growing up in and around The Designery’s original location, a family business.

After being instrumental in the growth of multiple Designery locations serving Tennessee and North Georgia – Casey’s focus never wavered. Casey has dedicated his career to leading impactful business ownership across the country through The Designery Franchise.